No way Catholic Schools, no damn way!

That will be the day...

I am annoyed enough that here in Ontario my taxes pay for catholic schools.  That we have four different school boards in some communities.  One for the english and one for the french in the public system and the same in the Catholic system.

Schools, public and private have to comply with minimum standards and requirements.   Performance of community service by students is usually one of those requirements.  Giving students credit for community service because they are demonstrating out front of an abortion clinic should not be on the list of services.

Can you imagine these same catholic schools allowing students a Gay straight alliance club (GSAs)?  Do you see them considering participation in pride parades and or a demonstration for queer rights as community service?  What about students that support choice and want to stand in front of a church that is opposed to the students views?  Will the church credit these students with community service?  What would these religious schools say if the public system allowed these activities?

It hasn't happened yet.  Its a proposal in Winnipeg.  I can see our Ontario Catholic school boards drooling over the prospect that presents itself below...

WINNIPEG — Children at a private Catholic school in Winnipeg who attend anti-abortion vigils outside the city's Health Sciences Centre are receiving community service credits for their participation. 
Principal Dave Hood of Christ the King School said Tuesday that joining the vigils is a voluntary and family decision. But he's considering it as an official school activity as early as next year.
It's a prayer vigil, Hood said. "We're not there to block anyone." Hood has talked to the teacher responsible for the students' community service activities, and they've agreed that if any kids take part in the vigils, that the time would count toward a student's community service.  Christ the King School has about 200 students in kindergarten to Grade 8.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Catholic+school+gives+credits+students+attending+anti+abortion+vigils/5536307/story.html#ixzz1aa3ZbpR8

It's more than passed the time we eliminated funding these religious recruitment centers.

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Canadian silver bug/Green Assassin Brigade said...

Could not agree more. My co-worker brought in a sponsorship form for his kids Charity walk, I looked up the school based charity and it was for a bunch of Nuns trying to "advise" pregnant youth. There is no place for this judgmental programming and recruitment in publicly funded schools.