Occupy Toronto

Occupy Toronto looks to have been a success.  3,000 people arrived at the Bay Street address of the stock exchange.

Watch live streaming video from occupytoronto at livestream.com
People listening to speaker at Occupy Toronto
The demonstration was very peaceful, and for the most part police kept back and watched.

I know some of the people opposed to the sentiments of the demonstrators are disappointed to see a large rally like this and that the police didn't club anyone.

These events held in Canada have shown the country that discontent is building and something better happen. It has been interesting to watch Harper in the run up to these rallies. He has been careful not to criticize them, falling back on the line that the events that triggered Occupy Wall St didn't happen here.  So while the government has yet to condemn the movement, they have  mis-characterized demonstrators motives.

There were many causes brought to the rally.  I saw people with signs pointing to corporate greed, against unfettered capitalism, opposition to the Quarry planned north of Toronto, First Nations rights and many more. Collectively this crowd had one thing in common, they all were part of the 99%.  They were many, together they were more.

It's too early to know if the movement will have legs.  They are motivated, yet as the days go on will it be able to keep up interest, participation and build.  The Police said that the crowd at St James Park was about 1500.   Porta potties, food tents, a medical tent and individual tents were set up.  Occupation of the park is essential to maintaining momentum.

I am looking forward to joining the people in the park for part of each day.  If you can, do go down and be part of what is now a world wide movement.  It can only carry forward if we do.  You can help as well by making donations, helping with park clean up and telling your friends about the 99%.

Watch live streaming video from occupytoronto at livestream.com

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