Topp is a Juggernaut says Nano's

So now they are calling Brian Topp's leadership effort the‘an elite juggernaut'.  How clever.  Critics of Brian Topp's effort to become NDP leader are missing quite a bit. He is well organized, prepared it would seem for a leadership contest and has a lot of people who have been leaders before or have demonstrated leadership today, on board.  I would say that's a good thing if you want to be leader.

Topp's job is not to make it easier for others to beat him.  He is running for the job that will pit the winner against Stephen Harper.  So far he has impressed me with the endorsements from people I have trusted in the past and now.

The media and I am sure some of the others seeking to become the NDP leader will want to suggest Topp is an insider, someone that has all the advantages and god or someone like her forbid, is using those connections.

I have not yet decided who to support yet. I like Brian and I am seriously considering his candidacy.  I wanted Peter Julian but he has removed himself from the running.  I also liked Megan Leslie.  Thomas Mulcair would be exciting and Nathan Cullen is fresh and vibrant.

The leadership contest will be exciting and in the end the person we choose to take on Stephen Harper better be good.  I see a number of people that would be up to the job, Topp is showing he is one of them.  Mulcair is expected to announce he will enter the leadership contest on Thursday.  That's going to be exciting and Mulcair offers something different, charisma and years as an elected MNA and MP, he too is up to the task of taking on the Harper Conservatives.

Back to the 'elite juggernaut' label coming from the media and Nik Nanos.  Topp has been instrumental in putting the NDP where they are and if that makes his campaign and candidacy for NDP leader elitist, then you don't understand the NDP.


janfromthebruce said...

I agree with you. I sometimes think the press just like to hear themselves talk (about nothing and make it up as they go along).

kirbycairo said...

I think it will be sad for the NDP if the party chooses either Topp or Mulcair. I think Saganash is the best choice and I really don't think Topp or Mulcair will capture the public and it is just two more white guys in suits.

Though I have certainly been wrong before.