McGuinty - He said it, then didn't do it...

McGuinty say lots of things and doesn't always manage to do the things he says he will or won't do, as we all know.  This from the Toronto Star today....
On Sept. 5, 2003, low in the polls, Dalton McGuinty took the main campaign plank from the NDP and promised “public power” He said at the time that, “Number one, we’ve got to keep hydro public.” Deregulation and privatization hadn’t worked, he said: “I’ve drawn a lesson from that.” He has yet to keep that promise. And the NDP was silent in the 2007 election and has been in this one about public power, although Andrea Horwath did say in the leaders’ debate that she “would rebuild hydro in the public interest.” - Paul Kahnert 

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kirbycairo said...

Thanks for giving us these little tidbits during the campaign Rick.

I have been so disappointed during the campaign and wishing I could vote for the NDP with greater enthusiasm.

It is beginning to look like a Liberal Majority, and if so then after it is over, it will look like it was all a storm in a teacup.

Take care