If the Conservatives really feel it SHOULD get better

I was waiting to give the Harper Conservatives a pat on the back for making the "'it gets better' video. I would like too - I can't.  There is nothing in it.  In fact other than their token almost out gay dude, the rest all voted to reopen the debate on same-sex marriage in this country.  One of them, David Sweet, in the past, has said some pretty homophobic things.

The video is an attempt to have it both ways.  They're not being upfront with anyone. To their conservative base they say, its just a video and all we said was it gets better.  To young gay folks that's all they say, without conviction, with histories that tell us different, you get the idea they crossed their fingers behind their backs.

If the Conservatives really feel it SHOULD get better, they could start by passing the NDP private members Bill on Trans equality.  Its the right thing to do. It will also send a clear message to Queer kids and others that It Does Get Better.

I am waiting and so are many young queer kids...

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