"26% of church go'ers in Canada support same-sex marriage"

"26% of church go'ers in Canada support same-sex marriage"

Now there is a stat for you. If you take four people that go to church at least once a month, one will support same-sex marriage.

That is the finding of a national survey of families conducted by sociologist Reginald Bibby for the Vanier Institute of the Family. The survey states further that 58% of those that attend religious services less than once a month approve of same-sex marriage.

I for one am overjoyed at the prospect of having one in four regular church go'ers support same-sex marriage. American supporters of gay marriage would love that number. The tide is turning. We know that younger people are more likely to support same-sex marriage, people with university or college degrees are supportive and women. The other piece to this is that church attendees are falling off.

People that attend church rarely are most likely to be suuportive vs someone that goes regularily.

Only 6% of active evangelicals - also commonly referred to as Conservative Protestants - agree that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry, compared to 35% who are less active.

Thr remainder of the release can be found at Lifesite.

Read the report, Religion and the Same-sex Debate

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