Act Now for Equal Marriage

Don't sit back yet, take action and show Parliament that we want an Equal Marriage Bill passed in the House of Commons. Counteract the Anti-Equal Marriage lobby. See the following and go to the Equal Marriage web site for steps you can take.

From: Canadians for Equal-Marriage (CEM)

Even more alarming, CEM has learned that our opponents' response has been swift and overwhelming. MPs ARE ALREADY BEING INUNDATED WITH CALLS FROM OPPONENTS OF EQUAL MARRIAGE, urging them to oppose the legislation. Supporters of equality must CALL their MPs. Follow Step 1: MP Action to find the phone number of your MPs constituency office. CALL TODAY!

Clearly, this will be the big one, the final fight to determine whether the equal marriage legislation will be introduced, voted on, and passed.

We know it and our opponents know it. We have the Charter on our side, but they have tremendous resources and millions of dollars. CEM operates on a shoestring.

Together, we must make our voices heard. We must put pressure on the government and all MPs:

- to introduce the equal marriage legislation quickly
- to vote for equal marriage
- not to accede to any amendments that would take away access to civil marriage itself
- not to invoke the notwithstanding clause to take away our Charter protection

We are so close. We cannot let up now. We're almost there. But we must be diligent. In politics, victory can be snatched away in the blink of an eye.

Please take action now. Follow CEM's four steps to victory.

Our opponents will be making their voices heard. Will you?

Please contact your MP now!

Just click on Step 1: MP Action, and go from there. You don’t need to know who your MP is. All you need is your postal code and our action website will find your MP.

Step 1: MP ACTION get MP info and send e-mail message to MP
Step 2: SIGN OUR PETITION voice your support for equal marriage
Step 3: DONATE TO CAMPAIGN our fight costs money
Step 4: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, family and colleagues to visit our website

Take all four steps today!

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