Dallas School that outed then expelled gay teen issues statement

Dallas School that outed then expelled gay teen issues statement

The Headmaster, David Delph of Trinity Christian Academy in Dallas issued a general statement about the school's discipline policy in response to questions with regard to their decision to expell a gay student months away from graduation.

"As a community of Christian families we also believe the Bible provides insight to help us discern God's desire for our conduct.

Therefore we demand high Biblical standards of behavior from our students both academically and socially.

Our families are asked to embrace these standards of conduct by signing a covenant with the school when students are admitted.

The private school has the right in Texas to expel students upon discovering they are gay. Texas like most jurisdictions in the United States does not protect someone from discrimination due to sexual orientation.

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The Dallas Morning News reports that the student was a varsity athlete and a winner of service and citizenship awards at the fundamentalist private school in Addison. He was active in the school theater, was a yearbook editor and helped younger students with Bible study.

Trinity Christian was his second family, the student said, and by every indication he was one of the school's favorite sons.

You can read the Dallas Morning story at : Gay student forced to leave school

This school has chosen to cast aside a bright young man, their loss will be America's gain as more American's grow more intolerant of such treatment. One has to believe that the United States will catch onto the politics of fear and demonization of homosexuals. Prevailing views among younger Americans is significantly more accepting than older Americans.

Those willing to continue on the anti-gay ban wagon will in a few years find themselves in the minority. In the interim those that support gay rights and acceptance need to willing to express their views more often and openingly.

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Anonymous said...

I am a former student of this school. Just recently I found out that they sent into "early retirement" an excellent teacher that has been with them for nearly 25 years because she was too intellectual and academically challenging for the students. So, I went straight to google to try and find her email address so that I could contact her with words of encouragement and instead found this article. I'm so sorry to hear about what this student experienced, but I do understand the requirements of being a student at this school. There is an agreement made between the school, the student and the parents which basically states that the student will not engage in immoral behaviour. The question is... did the student engage in sexual acts or did he just acknowledge that he was gay? Unfortunately this school has been known for duplicity and while this young man may have come out as gay, how many other straight students are engaging is sexual behaviour, drinking etc. outside of school? I guess it's a don't ask, don't tell kind of thing. Truly what they did to him was terrible and I think the school did the wrong thing. ( of course I don't have all the info). * By the way. The link to the Dallas Morning News is no good. Does anyone have a link to the story that works?