Junior enlisted personnel more pro-gay than commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the United States military

Junior enlisted personnel more pro-gay than commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the United States military

Homophobia still rampant in upper ranks!

A Survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center finds:

The findings on gays in the military showed a striking difference by rank.

Commissioned officers and their families opposed their inclusion by 53 to 39 percent. Non-commissioned officers and their families were also clearly opposed, by a 57 to 35 percent margin. But 50 percent of junior enlisted personnel junior said gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly, while 43 percent said they should not.

Respondents were asked their reason for support or opposition.

Among those who opposed inclusion of gays and lesbians, 20 percent said inclusion would be a distraction and cause problems, 13 percent said it would be bad for morale, and 12 percent said it would disrupt teamwork. Another 15 percent said that homosexuality was wrong, and 8 percent said they felt uncomfortable with homosexuals. Six percent said homosexuality was incompatible with military service and 5 percent cited close quarters as the reason for opposition.

Among supporters, 41 percent said homosexuals should have equal rights, 27 percent said sexual orientation had nothing to do with job performance, 10 percent said it did not bother them, and six percents said it was a free country.

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Anonymous said...

Not a Blogger member but had to comment on these US held myths.

I'm a veteran, from a world recognized and respected military - one that does not discriminate. ANY sexual (or any other form of) harassment (overt or covert) is unacceptable and an offence in the Canadian Forces (as in our "laws-of-the-land" generally).

The very concept of gay service personnel upsetting the balance of authority/morale/whatever, is totally fictional and without foundation.

We even have same-sex marriages being performed by military clergy in military chapels on our military bases. Then again, our Canadian military reflects the realities of life and love and respect (that Canadians as a whole expound).

I have never been able to understand the gross ignorance and discrimination displayed daily by many US citizens - even when I've lived amongst them. A very strange society indeed.

Rick Barnes said...


Thanks for your post, good to know this! Thanks for you have done!

Rick Barnes