Albertans In Edmonton and Calgary say "I do" support same-sex marriage

Albertans In Edmonton and Calgary say "I do" support same-sex marriage

The Edmonton Sun reports today support for gay marriage is higher than the Premier would have you beleive. Bruce Cameron of Cameron Strategy Inc. a pollster told the paper, "the premier is saying the majority of Albertans don't support same-sex marriage, but that's not what (the numbers) show."

The Alberta Premier has been screaming "the sky is falling" for two weeks now. It is time for people to look up and see the sky is still there.

Cameron referred to a poll taken this summer of 2,000 people in Canada's major cities - Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto - "Do you support or oppose same-sex marriage?"

In Edmonton of the 300 people polled 48% supported same-sex marriage and 44 per cent said they were opposed. The rest were undecided.

Calgary proved to be even up. 41% per cent said they support gay marriage, and 41% said they were opposed. 18% said they were unsure.

The Sun to today in printing these results has shown Ralph Klein to not only being a redneck, but an uninformed one at that.

Links: "Gays won't be getting married in Alberta, we're not going to do it," - Premier Klein

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Anonymous said...

I am from Edmonton, I support gay marriage, did not know the polls showed more of us do. Klein is a nut case, must have started drinking again.

St. Albert AB