Pardon Compromise goes ahead!

It looks like the House of Commons did today what they should be doing all the time. Meet, discuss, compromise, go forward. Albeit not yet official, The Liberals still have to decide on the compromise bill on pardons, I have little doubt they will be opposed to the deal as it is laid out.

It appears the NDP compromise will move ahead. Its likely the Harper Conservatives will not acknowledge it is an NDP suggestion, still it is satisfying. Hey, Good on Iggy if the Libs go along with this.

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ryan said...

ah. such a nice word. compromise. so rare in government. Lets hope when parliament reconvenes in the fall there will be some rational discussion and debate on this bill, instead of the name calling and hair pulling Canadians have had to put up with for the last few days. For info on the new version of the bill, check out my blog.