McDonalds does up a cool gay Advert

McDonalds opens up the Golden arches with a new ad playing in France.    The ad is very good.  It is subtle.  Straight to the point if you don't mine the straight part.   I look forward to more of these playing around the world.  Maybe even in Canada and the USA! 

Here it is via youtube.... Father and son at McDonalds


Simon said...

hi Ricky...I LOVE this ad. The look on the gay guy's face at the end is priceless. But don't hold your breath waiting to see an ad like that in Canada or the U.S. Only in France or Europe you say? Pity.

Rick Barnes said...

My sister likes it too. I see the Son's love for the boy and he appears ok with his Father's comments. It took me back to being a teenager.