Spanky spanky - now drink at home alone!

Some stuff you can't make up. I know I like a drink now and again, (stop laughing Bruce). I do but I could never dream of a judge telling me to stay home and drink. That's what a judge said in Cornerbrook yesterday. - Western Star It does seem to be a case where the Judge recognized that it was futile to order the man to abstain, thus setting conditions that would be impossible to follow, putting to poor sod into even deeper trouble. Reality based justice. ummm

And who would have ever thought the sweet old lady running Mississauga was in charge of the Black Blue (quite different from Red Green) gang.

Staff duct taped, spanked and prodded on the job in front of others suggests that our tax dollars may actually be making some dudes hard at the thought, "Why can't I work at a place like that. Spanky spanky you have been a bad boy." Can't you just hear Mayor Hazel McCallion! The other Star paper. And the CBC account here.

Looks like some dicipline is going to have take place here. If they had the Judge from Cornerbrook here they could have those that were spanked and duct taped given the opportunity to do it to their boss.

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