Moosedar and gaydar

It looks to be a queer day what with the Ottawa Police putting an elementary school in lock down due to some big scary Moose in the playground.  Looks like the lockdown was a good idea as the guy shooting the darts at the moose kept missing the target.  How do you miss a moose?  Anyway the guy's job get getting more difficult as each shot he missed with started the moose and they ran around the playground.  Last we heard they were waiting for more darts to arrive and then the moose got out of the police secured area.  Lets just hope no moose show up in Toronto for the G20 summit.   CBC story

Keeping with the Moose stuff, the Saskatchewan government has had to put up "watch for Moose" signs in the southern part of the province.  Seems that many people have left the rural confines of the province, leaving the area for the moose to move into.  Some have taken to inhabiting farm yards.  see CBC Saskatchewan.

One more story of a modicum of interest suggests that if you ever get lost, cut down the power poles.  Some guy got lost in North eastern Saskatchewan.  He was in desperate state so he thought, "If I cut down the power line, someone will come out to check it out."  He was right.  People lost power for almost 30 hours and Sask Power investigated, finding the guy.  At least it wasn't lights out...

And then there is Gaydar.  Now the straight world seems to believe it exists.  Here is some proof.  Could have saved them the time, but then it keeps them out of our hair this way...

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