Hey Brother Jason, how's it hanging?

Montreal Simon has been wishing for this for some time now. A merger between the NDP and the Liberals. Imagine that. CBC is reporting tonight that discussions are under way between the two parties. It is evident that we will be faced with minority governments for the next few years and the possibility Harper would get a majority. He keeps coming close to the magic 39 to 40% and falling back. Simon says get Married!

The Liberals find themselves consistently running at 25 to 27% in support and no matter how stupid Harper gets, the Liberals can not gain traction with voters. The same holds true for the New Democrats, albeit they have done better than the Libs in maintaining their support.

Is something going to give? I am encouraged that the Libs and NDP are talking. Even if a merger does not happen I expect that some form of co-operation will occur. To do otherwise will see Harper re-elected and maybe with a majority.

My question is do I have to call Jason, Brother? I mean Jeff and Scott and all those other LPCER bloggers like Impolitical can be silly or over excited sometimes, but at least I enjoy them. Maybe I should take a hockey attitude to this. Jason was the LPCER version of John Ferguson. Being a Habs fan I can appreciate that. Hey Brother Jason, how's it hanging?


Simon said...

hi Ricky...how did you guess that I might be a bit excited? Did my BFF tell you that I had to put rocks in my pocket so I don't stick to the ceiling? :)
I realize it's going to be hard, but it is the way of the future. We need to put some excitement back in progressive politics. So if it's just a dream please don't wake me up...

Rick Barnes said...

I know this exciting, at least the Libs and NDP are talking. Dion tried and the Libs kicked him out of office faster than Harper can spend money on a fake lake.

The NDP has tried to work with the Libs before and kudos for trying again.