Rae gets up early to save Iggy, again

Bob Rae has been sent out to dispel rumours of secret merger talks. That's kinda funny that the guy the Libs have so far rejected as a leader due to "his" scary NDP past is the only Liberal with cred to possibly get this story ditched. See CBC story here.

Then of course my old buddy Ujjal is also sent out to add his assertion that no such talks are happening. Why weren't the old Liberal war horses sent out to do this? Turns out the best face in the media for the Libs isn't Iggy, its Bob.

So while Bob has tried to dampen the speculation, it won't work. My own sources say discussions are happening with some folks associated with NDP and Liberals.

I do agree with Bob though. No merger will happen at least not in the near future. It is fun however to watch the Liberals fall all over themselves. Now when will the NDP respond today?

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