What colour do you get when you mix orange and red

Its just a little surreal to think Warren and me agree. See Warren's interview on the Mark .

I suspect the Liberals need a radical change more than the NDP. I know some in my party can smell blood here. The LPCers have been treading water for years now. I have to give them credit, they are staying above the water line, but they have to be tired.

Warren's comments are right on the money. It's about finding a way to stop Harper, to stop the Conservatives in this country. Now think about this, how many of us ever thought that Harper could have lasted this long in government under minority conditions? I'm betting that most of you, me included never expected this. I am also betting that most of you don't want it to continue much longer.

Our country is being reshaped by a guy that has managed to hold on to power when 60 percent of us wouldn't want to sit down and have beer with the guy. Time is now for bold and direct action. Merge or agree to co-operate. What colour do you get when you mix orange and red anyway?


kirbycairo said...

I must admit that I didn't expect Harper to last this long but not because I thought he would fail but because I thought that the Liberals, for good or ill, would actually, well . . . . you know actually create policy alternatives and fight back against the incredible abuses of power. But for years now they have done almost nothing. But on the other hand I don't really see how these two parties can merge - Ignatieff is, in policy terms very close to Harper. And there you have the real reason that he Cons have lasted so long - it is the Conservatives and the Liberals are a much closer merger than the Liberals and the NDP and it has been that way for years.

Artem said...

You a get a crazy color, Rick, don't try it. Cooperation - yes. Merger - no. You cannot unite two different parties only on the basis of anti-Harper sentiment. Moreover, even in that sentiment the Liberals don't appear to be consistent - just look at today's vote on the Tory budget.

Rick Barnes said...

It won't be easy, that I can say for sure. I also see some of the differences, ie the mountains that have to be climbed to over to get to a merger.

The Lib vote yesterday really wasn't to allow the budget to pass because the Libs liked it. It was there because the Libs can't in any way mount an effective campaign.

They are on their last legs. And if it is not a merger, then co-operation on some level has to happen in the next election.

Artem said...

I'm all for cooperation, but not for merger with a party "on their last legs".