Sponsorship scandal gets a face lift

Sponsorship scandal gets a face lift with new info from RCMP.  This is like the gift that keeps on giving, right Prime Minister Harper?  Can the Liberals have any more missing cellulite.  My heart goes out to the LPC members and bloggers, I mean they have Iggy to deal with and that darn old sponsorship scandal keeps un-wrinkling!  

If you have to know more check out the Globe and Mail story here


ck said...

Daniel Leblanc again: he wrote a three part series, reviving adscam with a predictably boring end to it.

I haven't read this one, but I'm presuming it's another history lesson.

I have to wonder if Leblanc is working directly for Harpercons?

It's a dead horse now. All who were involved are either in jail, fired, out of the country or dead by now.

I have a feeling Leblanc is only putting this out now because of the rampant rumours about Chretien possibly coming back and/or talking coalitions.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't believe in coincidences; everything happens for a reason and this is all about timing.

Like his old 3 part mini-series; the only ones who will jump at it are the Blogging Tories. There were certainly no other columnists or journalists touching it. I imagine it will be the same thing.

Rick Barnes said...

I expect this latest will go on for some time. La Presse has the story as do several other media outlets in the Belle Province.