The &(*%#^*^ Party of Canada

Okay, its crunch time for the Liberal Party of Canada. The Conservatives have tried to create a wedge issue by bringing forward a "Pardon" bill at the last minute, inciting the name of convicted killer Karla Homolka. Homolka will be entitled to a Pardon on July 5. Just three weeks away. See MacLeans article here.

I understand their need to get something done to prevent another unreal deal for Holmoka. So why have the Conservatives waited till now to do this. The NDP have offered a bill that would ensure Holmoka does not receive a pardon. This would allow proper debate on the rest of the pardon legislation after the House returns in the fall.

This is not about Holmoka, its about the Harper Conservatives trying to get one by the rest of Parliament. If I were a Liberal, I would suggest their co-operation with the Conservatives here would be the last straw. Why vote Liberal if you can vote Conservative and get the real thing.

Unhappy Libs views can be found here....

Oh yeah, The &(*%#^*^ Party of Canada. The Liberal part is gone. You fill in the blanks.

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