Gay adoption in North Caroliona

I love it when queers get together and decide to have a family. Its wonderful and I just wish they would all last. But alas gay or queer families fall apart just like straight families. The case I am pointing to is in North Carolina. A State Senator and her partner, another woman, decided to have a baby and that baby was brought on by artificial insemination. They were blessed with a baby boy in 2002. In the following years the State Senator adopted the child and the local court in Durham NC allowed both the Mother and the State Senator to be equal parents.

"But Boseman and Jarrell split in May 2006, setting off a contentious custody fight and ultimately the case heard Wednesday by the Supreme Court. After the breakup, Boseman continued to spend time with Jacob and pay child support. Jarrell filed a motion in New Hanover County District Court to overturn the adoption. The New Hanover court denied the motion, and Jarrell appealed to the N.C. Court of Appeals, which ruled unanimously last Augus" Star News

In 2006 they split up. The boy is now 8 and both women have equal custody. Now the mother has tried in lower courts to squash the adoption. It hasn't happened. The case is now before the State Supreme Court and a decision is months away.

Now all I can think of is that they both agreed to be parents of this boy. He deserves to have access to both of them. He is 8 years old. It would appear that both parents love the boy, that both of them have been deemed qualified to be parents in two lower court decisions, despite the efforts of the woman that gva e birth to the child.

Marriages are apt to fall apart these days. Relationships of those you bring into the marriage ie a child, are likely well connected to both parents. Fighting to keep one parent away seems to be a waste of money, court time and a child's life.

see story at the Star News of Wilmington NC here

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