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When you try to out smart someone in politics you better be on your game.  That is what Michael Ignatieff tried to do on the gun registry.  He threw the ball to Jack Layton and stood back demanding Layton and the NDP show their commitment to Canada's gun laws.

Its a little like the all adage in politics, never ask a question of an opponent that you don't know the answer too.

Andrew Coyne said it best in a tweet: "Layton's handling of this has been adroit. 2nd time in a year Grits thought they had him boxed in, and didn't."

Jack Layton did not take the easy route to addressing the issue.  He took the democratic route.  He did not demand his caucus fall into line.  Instead Layton addressed the issues that rural, northern and aboriginal Canadians have with the registry. 

Today we the results of that work as yet another NDP MP switched sides bringing to five MPs, that have switched sides and will now vote to save the registry so that it can be amended.  In the coming days I am expecting more NDP MPs to do the same.  Common sense prevails, talk and action have lead to a solution.

The NDP solution will be put before Parliament, giving all MPs another chance to end the divisive and mean spirited debate over our gun laws.  Have a look here at the NDP proposals.

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