Some In the Conservatives like to bully

From news wire here
Monday was LaVar Payne’s day to shine. You may have never heard of the Conservative backbencher from Medicine Hat, Alta. — but if you tuned into question period, you likely heard him. Payne, a first-term MP elected in 2008, carried on a running stream of abuse from the back row Monday, the cupped hand at the side of his mouth helping project his nasal whine into the farthest reaches of the Commons.

“Is that from American, professor?” he taunted Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. “You signed on to that as an American, professor!”

When Jack Layton rose for a question, Payne lit into him — “You never co-operate, Jack!” — causing the NDP leader to break stride and offer an aside. Layton dryly noted that the new focus on decorum “is working out well on the government side.”

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