The Audacity of Iggy and the Liberal Party of Canada

Over to you Mr. Spector...
"Still, if a Toronto Star report is accurate, you have to marvel at Mr. Ignatieff’s audacity in claiming that “the NDP will stand for ‘no darn principles’ if leader Jack Layton and the New Democrats fail to support the long-gun registry in a crucial vote this fall in Parliament.” Actually, the word “audacity” doesn’t quite capture it: Frankly, in light of the history of these two political parties, it’s ludicrous for any Liberal to claim advantage over the NDP when it comes to questions of principle. Whether you agree with those principles or not." Globe and Mail

Whatever happened to the national Childcare plan my dear Liberal friends?


kirbycairo said...

Indeed Rick, I have little faith in the supposed principles of the LPC, but I have also entirely lost faith in any principle coming from the NDP anymore. Two wrongs will not make a right in this case and NDP supporters should really be pondering the future of their vote. I have supported the NDP for thirty years now, but I am finally finished. Have you read Heather Mallick's article on the subject.

Skinny Dipper said...

I will agree with Kirbycairo. One thing in politics is that people will remember recent events and forget older ones. It's true that the Liberals have propped up the Harper Conservative régime for the past two years since the last election. Yes, the NDP did a blip prop when the Liberals were doing well in the polls. Yes, some NDP members may be supporting the Harper Conservatives with their support for the private member's bill on getting rid of the long gun registry. I am not offended that some NDP MPs are supporting the Harper Conservatives. As the NDP states: it's a free vote. I am offended that these MPs are supporting getting rid of the long-gun registry because of political expedience rather than principle. If those members think that long-gun owners should not have to register their guns, say so. However, I think these MPs are being expedient because they are afraid to lose their seats because some moose, deer, and bear hunters may not vote for them if they oppose getting rid of the long-gun registry. I have no problems with most animal hunting. I do think that people who own guns should be mature and intelligent enough to register them. This is so that they will take the added responsibility in taking care of their fire arms so that their families and friends won't get injured or killed because of these weapons.

LMA said...

As Spector says:
'Liberal MP's will say or do most anything...to regain their "rightful" role as Canada's natural governing party'.

Judging from the way Iggy and the Libs have failed to protect the environment by supporting the expansion of the Tar Sands, and supporting the weakening of federal environmental regulations in the Cons dumpster budget, I would say Layton and the NDP have nothing to fear from Iggys's ludicrous criticisms when it comes to upholding principles.

Rick Barnes said...

I want the Gun Registry to remain. If it goes down, I won't be blaming the NDP. I will be asking them to vote for it until the vote happens.

The Libs and Cons own this if it goes down. Blaming the NDP on the GUN bill is like Blaming the NDP because Martin didn't get the kelowna accord done.