Gun Registry - NRA, NDP and Liberals

The effort to save the long-gun registry is getting tighter as four NDP MP's from the 12 who voted to end the registry have switched sides and support keeping the registry.  That means we likely need two more to defeat Bill C-391.  I expect that will happen.  The ball now falls squarely in the hands of the Liberals if the Bill fails because one or two of their members get gun shy on September 22 and forget to come into the commons to vote.  Keith Martin was asked today on Power and Politics if he thought every Liberal MP would show up for the vote.  He said he did not know if they would but that he would be there. 

Many of us, supporters of the NDP and the Gun Registry have been working tirelessly to get as many of those NDP votes as we can.  The results are there, we now have moved four MP's votes and we hope to move at least two more and maybe a third vote. 

With news that the NRA has been active in supporting the anti long-gun registry in Canada for years, I suspect getting the last few votes may well be easier.

 See cbc story on the NRA in Canada

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ck said...

I think that NRA story may well have tipped that vote in our favor, finally.

Remember that Scott Brant? That Brute Breitkreuz aid who got canned when the brute or the aid, told the media that Iggy should be beaten black & blue? He was forced to resign? Notice he's with one of those pro-gun lobbyists? Coinkidink? Me thinks not!