Liberal whip better prove Stephen Taylor wrong

I mentioned in the post below that I am getting a little tired of Liberals telling the NDP what to do, from on high. Big City Liberal saw this tweet a little bit ago. I found it as well and if Stephen Taylor is right, Ignateiff will be looking for a new job tomorrow after the gun bill vote.

Jack Layton and the NDP have gone out and got the votes needed. I really, really am pulling for the Liberal Whip success. I hope the Whip has a good nights rest.


leftdog said...

... if that happens and even one Lib stays away from the House, all hell is gonna break loose in the progressive blogosphere.

Jymn Parrett said...

Remember, that's Stephen Taylor talking. Just keep that in mind. If all Libs vote, I hope all hell breaks loose at Blogging Tories.

stageleft said...

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that a few rural Liberal MPs catch the Parliamentary Flu and call in sick tomorrow evening so their constituents don't see them voting against their wishes - do you really think that the LPoC will call a leadership convention and replace Ignatieff?

If the stories are to be believed Iggy has risen in the estimation of the Canadian public and stands a reasonable chance of making Liberal gains in the next election - who could they replace him with that stands an equal (or better) chance.

Does that process represent an acceptable risk with the possibility of an election on the spring horizon? Wouldn't Harper simply pull the plug and call a snap election (probably using the dysfunctional Parliament line) in the reasonable hopes of gaining a majority while the Liberals were trying to get their ducks in a line after the convention?

stageleft said...

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Rick Barnes said...

Two things will happen. First off the Libs will blame the NDP. That's what their effort has been all along.

When that does not resonate after 15 minutes then they will start defending themselves.

At some point Liberals will start attacking the leadership. Iggy will become the new Dion.

Rick Barnes said...


I know Taylor is adding to the mess. And I hope that is all it is.

ck said...

I have to agree with Jymn, there. Take most of what Stephen Taylor says with a large grain of salt; in fact, a cue ball sized grain of salt.

That said, I have that same concern on the back of my mind. Because, for Iggy, regardless of how one feels about the gun registry, this is more of a test for the new, more confident, fresh from the bus tour Iggy's leadership. If one so much as not shows up for the vote, I would also say that Iggy won't recover from this. It will display Iggy's failure as a leader. Failure to lead a party.

However, I haven't seen any concrete evidence, other than the wishful thinking ramblings of a few, to suggest otherwise to date.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I know that some Montreal Student and teachers groups from Dawson College are headed to Ottawa tomorrow to demonstrate. I would guess other groups will be joining them.

Rick Barnes said...


I suspect you are right. I just know that I have talked to three Liberal bloggers this past weekend. They all said "They all better show up to vote"

Rick Barnes said...

@CK Good, I hope they have a good crowd with them.

I might add that many people have been after Jack (see post above this one) for not whipping his vote. I think he has done a great job while respecting differing views.