Harper outspends Liberals AGain!

The Conservative government spent 130 million dollars getting its message to Canadians. That is a record by a federal government. Now, you can cut them a little slack, 24 million was spent on the H1N1 health issue. Where I get a little annoyed is all that money spent on telling us how they were stimulating the economy.

I know, you can say all governments do this. And yes the previous Liberal Government spent a whopping 111 million dollars on advertising in 2006. Still that is not an excuse today for the Harper Conservatives. They kinda ran on the idea that this stuff would not happen.

Now I initially thought that part of the cost of the the governments huge media spending would include money for all those signs doting the country these days. After some thought and a few tweets, I am guessing the signs are not included.

So the actual "media" presence bought by the Harper government has to include signs. I mean how many of these signs have you seen while out for a drive Sunday. The country is full of them.

So how much did we spend on signs? Has the PMO finished counting them yet?

Is there no end to the Harper ability to say one thing and do another?

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