Motion to kill Bill C-391

I am watching the debate of a motion before the House of Commons to kill Bill C-391. The first speaker to the motion today was Liberal MP Mark Holland. Holland goes on at length providing all the good things about keeping the registry and then with a suppressed grin, he feels the pain of women across the land because the NDP failed to do the same as the Liberals, and work towards a common position -- "get that consensus, don't have some of your MPs vote the other way." When it comes time to vote tomorrow, do the right thing."

I would just say to the Liberals, they had the ability 120 times in this house to do the right thing and vote against the Harper Government. To hear him tonight, when he already knows that there are enough votes to kill the bill, is a bit too much.

update: 6:53pm

Hoeppner goes on to say the Bill doesn't cost 4 million dollars but likely as much as 100 million dollars. She of course is using a number pulled out from under a rock by the the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. She closes by calling on NDP members and the Member from the Yukon to do the right thing.

Maria Mourani of the BLOC goes on about the Conservatives dumping the guy in charge because he did not speak french days before he was to speak the the registry's success in Edmonton this year. I think that is one of the first times the Bloc have defended a unilingual federal agency head.

update: 7:03

Joe Comartin speaking now. One of the reason the bill will be defeated tomorrow is due to the government's accusations against the police. Because the government has buried reports and or delayed their release.

update: 7:08

Comartin says after the bill is defeated tomorrow, its time to make amendments to the registry.

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