Ouch, that stick got me in the eye Mr. Baird

John Baird has just delivered a sharp stick to the eye to those five million Canadians who call the GTA and Toronto home. Elitists he has called the leaders of the NDP and Liberals. He might want to reconsider after all Harper and Ignateiff were born and raised here, Jack was born and raised in Montreal.

In fact outside of Harper and Ignatieff, most people that live here today were born somewhere else. People like me. I can take the jokes about being in the centre of the known universe, and even I joke about the hapless Leafs. Those are all in the area of fair play. But to call people elitists because they live in Toronto is another attempt to create an urban/rural wedge. Its politics of division. Its where you go when you run out of solid argument.

Baird's attack comes after it appears the Conservatives are not going to succeed in "Scrapping the Long Gun Registry". Lets blame the loss on those people in Toronto. Watch the conservatives fundraising account start to swell. I have news for Baird, the next election will not be about guns, it will be about health care and the economy. Too bad you can't blame Toronto for that Mr. Baird.


kirbycairo said...

Thanks for the post. By the way do you know your site is generating a Malware warning?

Anonymous said...

Its because someone (A Conservative or maybe a Liberal) Flagged it to get that status.

rick barnes said...

I have checked and Blogger says no problem with my site!

kirbycairo said...

So far it is only Google Chrome that seems to generate the warning and it is happening to a number of the people on the Progressive Blogger site. Hard to say if it is actual malware or some hacker who has made the Chrome site recognize some code in some progressive blogs look like malware.