Beer, sex and fast cars in BC

Beer, sex and fast cars in BC

The BC election is on and the Liberals have an interesting variety of folks that make up its Candidate list. The list includes speeders, drunk drivers and gay - homo hating crusaders.

Mary Polack out in Langley is running quietly as a model of perfection, yet holds views widely felt to be outside the mainstream on gay rights. Polak who is infamous for her book banning days as chair of the Surrey School board also banned such groups as Planned parenthood from schools in her efforts to ensure high school kids would know nothing about condoms, preventing teenage pregnancies and safer sex.

Then there is John van Dongen, BC's solicitor-general, the top Cop in BC who recently said in media releases that there is no excuse for excessive speeding. His driver's licence was suspended for guess what, excessive speeding. As The province newspaper columnist Michael Smyth points out, these same Liberals demanded NDP cabinet minister Moe Sihota resign for excessive speeding tickets he incurred back in 1993.

Now to add to the speeding Liberal Cabinet woes, Bill Bennett, in the Kootenays was going to host a free beer party for one all. Free beer? That hasn't been allowed since it was determined to be a means of "buying" votes. It was canceled as soon as the media got wind of it. Seems the Liberals just can't buy a vote like they want too.

It gets worse, Liberal candidate Jesse McClinton admitted to a drunk driving charge in 2006. The charges were reduced after McClinton made a plea bargain and was convicted of driving without reasonable care and attention. Liberal leader Campbell also refused to resign several years ago when he was convicted of drunk driving in Hawaii and spent a night in jail as a result.

Finally, just to ensure that Mary Polack has more company in the homo hating caucus, the BC Liberals have chosen Marc Dalton in Maple Ridge. Dalton made his views on homosexuality known in an email. His views must have been well known to the federal Conservatives (who are experts at weeding out those that have said stuff about gay rights these days) as they rejected him as a candidate.

Perhaps Polak has friends in the provincial BC Liberal candidate selection committee.

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