Too Lyttle effort by US Officials

Too Lyttle effort by US Officials

US Security concerns have gone to extreme lengths to deport people, even American citizens. The News & Observer reports that Mark Lyttle, born in Rowan County North Carolina was deported after serving a short prison sentence. Lyttle has a mild mental condition.

yttle was deported to Mexico, who deported him to Honduras where he was again deported to Guatemala. Lyttle managed to get to the American Embassy there where officials confirmed his citizenship. He was put on a plane back to the USA where officials again tried to deport him.

Lyttle's Lawyer, Neil Rambana of Tallahassee, Fla., told the News & Observer that Lyttle had no identification but that federal officials could have contacted his family or checked his Social Security number, which he can recite from memory. "A simple phone call could have helped this person who has a mental condition," Rambana said.

Common sense was missing, simple procedures which would have confirmed he was an American were abandoned, all in the hysteria that cloaks itself in Homeland Security.

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