"I am a politician who is moral."

"I am a politician who is moral."

We've heard that before from better folks than former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry. Barry is now a
Washington, D.C. Council member. Barry's comment above was made at an anti-marriage rally held in Washington DC on April 7, 2009 according to DCist.

Washington DC council earlier voted to support Same-sex marriage in the District unanimously. Barry was absent from the vote.

Barry is the kind of guy that makes you wanna give up on politicians. The DCist article and the Edge San Fransico website give lots of background on Barry's flip flop on same-sex marriage, his support of George W Bush and his shady tenure as Mayor of Washington DC.

The motion to make same-sex marriage legal in Washington DC has to be passed by Congress. That motion will be debated in the near future.

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