Vermont, its time to ACT

Vermont, its time to ACT

If you live in Vermont there is no more important time than today to act to defend liberty and support same-sex marriage at the same time. The vast majority in both State Houses have voted to allow marriage between same-sex couples. The Republican Governor has stated he will veto the bill despite the overwhelming endorsement of the elected members of these houses.

Act now to send a message to your legislators urging them to override the governor's veto.

To assist you, use HRC's E-Action Form to contact your representative and state senator.

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Jeff said...

Even though we don't all live in Vermont doesn't mean we don't have the power to help override this veto. You have The Power.

There are 10 democrats who voted against this bill; we only need to persuade 2 of them in order to make this bill veto proof. The names and office numbers of 2 democratic lawmakers will be listed on the website of 'The Power' later today (See http://thepoweronline.wordpress.com/). Distribute these names and numbers to everyone you know and don't stop calling them until they change their vote.

We may not all live in Vermont, but we have already demonstrated that when we are united in our actions we have The Power to influence and cause real significant change. (Remember Sen Ruben Diaz from the NY state Senate?)