Carbon tax and the dark secret behind it in BC

Carbon tax and the dark secret behind it in BC.

Just who is supporting the carbon tax in BC. It has become a very tangled web, one which sees some green folks joining Premier Gordon Campbell in one of the biggest environmental shams ever. The effort is similar to the slick "Clean Coal" campaign in the USA. We all know you can not make progress on the environment by making the coal a little less toxic. You have to stop using it. Big Business is behind that campaign and I think I have found some big business supporting the Carbon tax and the more sinister aspect of the environment in BC, the privatization of BC Hydro and our rivers.

The BC Liberals are being painted as environmentalists because of the carbon tax. Its as if the privatization of BC Rivers, seeing high premium payments to private companies to create power for profit using BC rivers did not happen.

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Mark Francis said...

Oh, they aren't truly buying into the BC Liberals crap, but the carbon tax is valid policy (if tepid at $10/ton), and all of North American is watching. This makes the BC Liberal's overall environmental record irrelevant.

The BC NDP's Cap and Trade proposal is even more tepid, being filled with exemptions, and would be in its current form far less effective than the current carbon tax regime in BC.

So, opponents of CO2 reduction all over North America are watching this election, waiting to see if an ineffective CO2 reduction program can be sold to the public to replace a more effective one. if the BC NDP succeed, they will, ironically, inspire the black forces, and will possibly bring about far more environmental ruin than all of Campbell's failings.

This is not speculation. We *know* this race is being watched.

Environmentalists with credibility are backing the carbon tax in BC. The BC NDP never should have gone after it, except to call it too weak, and should have gone after all of the other BC Liberals environmental failings instead.

This is what happens when a political party favours opportunism over good policy.

If the NDP's Cap and trade proposal was more solid, this wouldn't be so much a problem.

This is sad for me: I cant support the BC NDP, despite the fact that they want to bring back the Public Participation Act, something BC -- and Canada -- badly need.

Rick Barnes said...

The carbon tax in BC is ill thought out and simply a tax grab. It is doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions or to contribute to cleaning the environment. It is a shell game that is meant to "paint" the Campbell Liberals GREEN!

They continue to choose roads over transit, privatize BC rivers using expensive power options that line the pockets of many BC Liberal Party donors.

Environmental groups that endorse this Liberal tax are doing a disservice to people working to clean up the environment.

Perhaps they will get a seat at the table that doesn't do anything after the election.