What's Wrong With Our Newspapers?

What's Wrong With Our Newspapers?

The good folks at rabble.ca turn 8 this month. Rabble is a great place to get the news and opinion on the days events. This group is growing and providing people with an alterantive view of the world seen everyday in the mainstream media.

Editorial and content control in Canada's newspapers suggest that such an alternative is required. Want to get engaged,celebrate or support the efforts of Rabble.ca

Check out the April 16 event in Toronto. With Peter C. Newman, Linda McQuaig, Wayne Macphail and hosted by rabble.ca board President Duncan Cameron you can expect some thought provoking ideas and opinion.

Rest assured if you work for one of the MSM papers, your paper will not attend to report on why someone thinks they are not doing the job...

April 16th in Toronto:

What's Wrong With Our Newspapers? A lively discussion with Peter C. Newman, Linda McQuaig, Wayne Macphail and hosted by rabble.ca board President Duncan Cameron

Thursday April 16, 7:30 (doors 7:00)

Koffler Auditorium
569 Spadina Crescent
Toronto, ON

$10 or PWYC FREE for rabble.ca members!

Seating is limited, reserve your seat at: events@rabble.ca

This event is sponsored by the University of Toronto OPIRG.

Thanks to our Media sponsors: Ryerson Free Press and NOW Magazine.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Used to visit rabble.ca regularly. But its obvious bias in favour of all things NDP made it harder and harder for me to stick around. The partisanship is quite blatant at times and that's something I cannot stomach. Not all lefties support the NDP, for any number of reasons, and among those who do are people who would prefer a good deal more (if any) critique of the party's positions and direction.

janfromthebruce said...

I understand your statement of concern Ocean, at the same time, when MSM, like Torstar openly supports the liberals, the Globe switches between both corp parties (lib or tory -ditto), National post and sun media is all for Conservatives, explain to me why it's so awful for rabble to be more than partial to the only party that at least professes to be way more progressive than either those two main stream parties and actually has political capital (seats federally and governing at times provincially)?
I understand you may be a Green supporter, and there are many Green friendly people on babble, but Greens "federally" have not shown that they are really anything more than eco-corporatist. That is my opinion (and yes, I have widely read their literature, talked with Greens and so on).

I feel like I am friendly blogger and friend to you, but I find your seemingly relentless disdain (and attacks) for the only progressive party with actual representation either federally and provincially, a bit tiresome.

Considering how much bloggers make daily reference to MSM papers, it's nice that once in a while (like this blogger) someone tries to promote and increase readership on an online progressive site.

It appears petty.

Attacking it, when Rabble for instance, is wholly behind "Fair vote Canada" appears so counter intuitive to me, as, by extension, a democratic change you so embrace.

Many if not most social democrats support electoral change. The federal party has a party policy on it, and in the parliament of pre 2006, Ed Broadbent openly worked federally on putting form a federal position paper/policy for consideration by the minority Liberals.

Rick Barnes said...


I don't disagree that the views on Rabble can and are NDP leaning or expressly NDP. What they do offer however is a place to comment, to read material that would never see the pages of the Globe, Toronto Star, and lets not even think of the chances these views could appear in the NOtional Post.

The CanWest papers are almost as bad. With the exception of a few columnists on occasion, what you get in the MSM is regurgitated Tory/Lib policy stated as fact.

To add to this, you may recall that the Senate studied Media ownership a few years ago. The MSM did not tell people the Senate was holding hearings, nor did they report on what occurred at the hearings.

Rabble Bable offers a good sounding ground for many (Left) points of view.