May Day! May Day!

May Day! May Day!

Some readers that have got to know me know I am an avid Hockey fan. Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player Brad May plays is 1,000 game tonight against the team that drafted him, the Buffalo Sabres. May has had quite a hockey career with a number of teams. I recall his time in Vancouver and of course his triumph with the Ducks and a Stanley cup.

His most famous contribution is one that Buffalo Fans know well and remember fondly. May who never came to be a scorer expected of a 14th overall first round pick. He did become a character guy, not your go to guy. For moment in time however he became that guy when he scored this goal in overtime of the fourth game in the 92/93 opening round playoff series. It was significant as the Sabre's had not won a a series for sometime and they were playing the mighty Boston Bruins. The goal won the game and the series.

Current Leaf General Manager Brian Burke seems to like this guy. He went out and got May to help the Canucks and when Burke headed to the Ducks he brought May along. Now in Toronto, Burke grabbed May again to add a little character here in Toronto.

Congratulations Brad May.

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