Blair it from the Pew

Blair it from the Pew

Tony Blair says the Church (the Catholic kind) should listen to its members and accept homosexuality. According to a recent article in Attitude and reported on by the always objective folks over at "The Christian Post" , Blair says, "There are many good and great things the Catholic Church does, and there are many fantastic things this Pope stands for, but I think what is interesting is that if you went into any Catholic Church, particularly a well attended one, on any Sunday here and did a poll of the congregation, you'd be surprised at how liberal-minded people were."

The Rt Honourable Tony Blair and I have had some disagreements on a couple of issues, primarily Iraq and standing a little too close to George W Bush on other things. But then again Tony's government did bring in civil unions for gay people and lowered the age of consent for gays to the same age for straights.

Blair converted to the Catholic Church soon after he stepped down as Prime Minister. He pretty much had to be an Anglican while holding down the top job in the UK. It is ironic that Blair also prevented Catholic Adoption agencies from barring gays from adopting children. It's a good thing Blair did all these things before becoming a Catholic.

All's forgiven after a few hail Mary's right? Or is that a few bloke marry's?

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