Towel Power, Raise a little hell

Towel Power, Raise a little hell

Here in the Centre of the Universe, I find myself as a lonely hockey fan. So I went tripping through some hockey sites and found my brother in-laws Raisealittlehell.com. He's a Canuck fan like me. Its questionable who is the biggest fan in spirit,

there's no question he's bigger than me in person, must be all that good cooking my sister Darla puts out. (Just kidding Steve).

So Steve reminded me of a couple good times the flowed out of the Canucks history. Like 1982 when the Canucks went onto the Stanley Cup final. The road was hard and also the beginning of what is now a honoured NHL tradition today. Towel Power. Its standard fare in hockey rinks now. Everyone has towels to wave. It all started with the Canucks, on the losing end of a ton of penalties and a disallowed goal against Chicago/ The Black hawks won that game, Canuck coach Roger Neilson was tossed and the Canucks came back to win the series.

Canuck Broadcaster and players recall the event

So as you watch the playoffs, think about the team that was given no chance to make it bye anyone let alone the Stanley Cup final. The power of a towel!

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