Dirty tricks again

Dirty tricks again

It seems the Conservative party of Canada has taken a page out of the Moral Misogynists play book and have decided that if they can't win students over with their policies, the next best thing is to go undercover, infiltrate student groups and help to tone down or change Student organizations objections to Conservative party policy.

And guess who was leading this effort, none other than Transport Minister John Baird, the mouth piece for Harper, when Harper lets him speak, and oft companion/escort for one Laureen Teskey Harper, wife of our Prime Minister.

The escort duties may come from the Prime Minister's complete faith in John's unlikeliness to take a crack at Loreen. Or like McGuinty in Ontario, the PM choose the colourful guy as his pitbull. They like to be acknowledged and are even more likely to be extremely loyal. Okay, only some of us would do that sort of thing...

Anyway, for more on the Conservative Party's secret efforts check out Ryerson Free Press and Wikileaks.

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