"Are you willing to accept the consequences if Rob Ford becomes mayor?"

A friend called me tonight, he was pondering his vote for Mayor here in Toronto.  He was going to vote for Smitherman to stop Rob Ford.  He wants Joe but thinks he has to vote for George to stop Ford.  I told him about this.

He is now confident in voting for Joe.  Smitherman has really put his foot in it. He needs Joe's supporters to ensure he can win on election day.  In fact Smitherman's support is 50% made up of people that want to stop Ford.

Tonight during the debate, Smitherman has kissed away a lot of votes.  My friend would have held his nose and voted for him.  Not now.

If Rob Ford were to win on October 25, it will be because not enough people could be bullied by Smitherman to vote for him.  It will be because Smitherman is not a builder, but a divider.  It will be because Smitherman is too far right for most of Toronto.

Both Smitherman and Ford have been attacking our city relentlessly since they got in the race.  You would wonder why the heck they want to be Mayor of such a shitty city.  They have lied about the city taxes, the city budget, the cost of doing things, they both would delay and or cancel major portions of the transit plans, they both would cut city spending slashing programs that are needed in our city.

Some facts about Toronto.  We have the lowest tax rate in the GTA, Toronto is the 6th largest government in Canada and the only one with a balanced budget.  Toronto will have a budget surplus at the end of the year.  Next years tentative budget also calls for a significant surplus. 

All of this means that Toronto is more than competitive with other cities in the GTA.  All of this means we are living well within our means.  All of this means that who ever wins the election on October 25, will be handed the keys to the best city in the country.  Lets hope that whoever gets the keys doesn't ransack the place.


ck said...

If Smitherman is too right for Toronto, then why is the far right Harperite Rob Ford poised to win?

Sorry to say this, but there is nothing wrong with strategic voting. It will be needed to get Harper out of office, which what Catch 22 Conservatives are about. Looks like strategic voting will be called for here, too.

My parents are voting for Smitherman simply to stop Ford. Especially, after Ford, when on city council voted to eliminate snow and ice removal services? My parents are disabled and sick, that would make them shut-ins.

My family, too, believe that a vote for Pantalone is a vote for Ford, in the sense that Ford could crawl through the middle.

If Ford does win, I will have to arrange for them to come back to Montreal, because I fear Ford will make the city, particularly in winter, too dangerous for them to get around.

Not saying you should be enamored by Smitherman. Just saying to understand why strategic voting could well be called for when Pantalone will more than likely not win, and the 2 front runners are so close together in numbers. Like with Harper and the other parties, or even in the US between GOP and Dems, politics is more often than not, these days, about picking the lesser of the evils.

Rick Barnes said...

Smitherman is a bully. He portrays himself as a moderate when hes about cutting taxes and delivering less services. Only upper middle class and the rich win in that case.

I don't see a difference between George and Rob. One is just a better packaged conservative.

I can only hope we deliver 23 or 24 of the 44 council seats to progressive folks.

Toronto does not win with George or Rob.

Thomas Evers said...

NYC survived Gulliani. TO can survive Ford. After four years of the F-word as Mayor, we can rebuild a progressive city hall on the backlash.

If you love Toronto, vote For a mayor. Let democracy take it's course.