Old Voting Habits Hard to give up

Something doesn't add up. Scott Brison has been the Federal Liberal critic in the House of Commons on all things financial. This week when the BLOC party Bill on expanding Employment Insurance was to come to a vote, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff stated that the Bill was too costly and it would not be prudent to pass it. See here.

Now given that the leader of the party said “This bill is not fiscally responsible,” why would the party finance critic vote for it? Why would every single Liberal party member in the house vote with the BLOC and NDP to pass the bill save one Alan Tonks.

The Liberals seem to want it both ways on the EI issue. Seventeen Liberals were absent for the vote including the Leader. I suppose that given the Liberals have returned to the past voting habits, enough Liberals stayed away to ensure the Bill would not pass and the Liberals could say they voted to pass the Bill. The leader couldn't be there to vote because if he were then he would have to vote against the BLOC Bill. The optics of 57 Liberals voting one way and the leader the other would have been, well ghastly...

The vote was recorded here at How'd They Vote.

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