People without benefits has grown in Canada

Recently a bill to extend and improve EI benefits failed in the House of Commons.  Harper and the Conservatives voted to defeat the bill and 17 Liberals and 5 BLOC MPs missed the vote.

The bill was defeated despite the fact that 90,000 more Canadians this year are without jobs and have no Employment Insurance. Why would the Conservatives vote to defeat a bill that would provide a lifeline to those 90,000 Canadians?

The government is claiming the unemployment picture is better than last year  Is not, check out The Progressive Economics Forum for the break down.

"In September 2009, there were 818,000 EI recipients among 1,549,700 unemployed workers, leaving 731,700 without benefits. In July 2010 (the last month of EI data), there were 672,200 EI recipients out of 1,493,100 unemployed workers, leaving 820,900 without benefits." - Progressive Forum

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, but I've left a comment there as 'Kinda Lazy Journo' that this Bill really might be too counter-productive for the Liberals, as well