I'm Not A Witch - Clever Youtube rendition

A little humour in your day! Christine O'Donnell will be wishing she did not do that ad!

Swedish powerpop band Roomie's cover of "I'm Not a Witch" by the excellent Gregory Brothers/Auto-Tune the News people.

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I'm not a witch
I'm nothing you've heard
I'm you, you, you
I'm not a witch, bitch
None of us are perfect
But none of us can be happy with what we see all around us
Politicians who think spending, trading favours and backroom deals are the ways

To stay in office, stay in office
Politicians stay in office
I'll go to washington and do what you'd do
Doo doo doo doo
I'm Christine O'Donnell
I'm not a politician
And not a witch, bitch
I'm Christine O'Donnell
I'm you, yoooou

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