Save our net and your rights to stuff you buy...

How many of you are confused over copyright, intellectual property rights and the Internet.  As you may be aware there have been some regressive steps being taken by government and corporations to seize control over the Internet and its content.  The idea is to charge us all for its content, prevent us from even moving our music from a CD to a flash drive etc.  Don't even try to move your I-tunes from your desktop to your laptop or the reverse....

First the primer.  This is the best Copyright 101 I have ever come across.  Its long and in cartoon format.  It is very much worth the read.  Have a look here.

Next have a look at this petition. 

After years of searching, the SaveOurNet Coalition has found someone who could be an open Internet hero: the powerful *Wizard Clement!  But Clement seems reluctant to protect the Internet. SaveOurNet fears that he may be under the spell of the evil monopolies, or worse – he could just not care.

This Halloween we need a benevolent force to ensure Wizard Clement uses his powers for good. We need citizens across the land of Canada to join that force by sending a letter to Wizard Clement: 

*Wizard Clement - thats Tony folks, just in case you missed that part

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