HST in BC - A Liberal con game

I am hopful people will actually get out and recall a few Liberal MLAs over this. Their government lied. Many of those MLAs may never have known the extent to which "their" party was deep into bringing the HST to BC prior to the election.

Having learned that since, you would think they have had their opportunity to say we have been hoodwinked big time. They remain silent or worse, supportive of the HST.

BC does not need sheep, they need MLAs and a government that listens and does what is right, not what will benefit their corporate backers the most.

Recall them and start with my first choice, Donna Barnett in Cariboo South. She remains one of the most ardent defenders of the decision to bring in the HST.

She has also received thousands of dollars from the forest companies. She knows what side her bread is buttered on. And I am sure voters in Cariboo South know that even more so today!

Here in Ontario voters are quiet but angry.  The latest polls show the Liberal government barely ahead of the NDP and that is doing something in the Land that Bob Rae once ruled.   The new look "Mike Harris" gang of conservatives are well ahead.  May the universe hear our pleas for a Liberal minority here in Onatrio. 

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