Russell Williams was a Predator - He killed, it wasn't the underwear

Elizabeth Pickett at Rabble writes about the media's attempt to cover the Russell Williams trial. The lurid fixation toward wearing women's underwear means they are largely ignoring Williams sexual desire in having power over these girls and women.

I have noted in recent days that Williams may have had a fetish for women's undergarments, it was not this interest that made him break into the homes of girls and women, to sexually assault them and finally to murder two of them. Read Elizabeth Pickett's article for a well written assessment of the media's failure...

Wearing women's underwear doesn't lead to raping and murdering women. Predatory behaviour leads to rape and murder. The desire for power and control over women leads to predatory behaviour.

To break into the house, the bedroom, the dresser drawer of a girl or woman, try on her underwear and spend hours taking pictures of yourself wearing it while masturbating isn't a fetish, it's a violation of the personal space and the sexualized belongings of the girl or woman. It made Williams feel powerful and in control -- feelings he was clearly very fond of. To masturbate all over a woman's bedroom is a violation. To tie her up and take pictures of her while masturbating and taking pictures of yourself is a violation. To do the same and then kill her is a violation. This is escalating predatory behaviour in the service of power and control, not fetishism.

See more here:  The horrific Williams murders were about power not personal fetishes

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