Trash Talkin`Toronto wanna be Mayors

It seems to be the game of the day.  If you were from outer space and landed in Toronto, you would think it was falling apart and about to join the ranks of  countries like Greece and Iceland for debt default and recklass spending.  You would thin that if you were listening to George Smitherman, Rocco Rossi or George Ford.  They are all running for Mayor in our city.

Yet they are misleading us.  You see, it is easier to run an election on fear than on ideas.  Its easier to tear something down than build something.  This has been ticking me off for some time, all this trash talk.

Finally I found a very good rebuttal to this trash talk.  Look at this video.  It says it all.  Toronto taxes the lowest in GTA.  Tax rates lower today than 2005.  Toronto measures up among top cities in the world.  Just watch it...

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