Canuck Attitude visits the country

It finally happened. I have been trying for sometime to get my buddy and fellow blogger, Bruce, to visit our farm in the middle of no where, ie, west of Ottawa and north of Perth. Its my sanctuary and lots of work place. Its a special place for me and one I like to share with others.

Every thanksgiving we invite queer guys to come and have some fun, good company and of course good food. Bruce was one of those friends I have wanted to come along for sometime. I was greatly surprised to have him accept the invitation and more than happy he would finally see where it is I disappear too almost every weekend from April to December.

All in all we had fifteen folks there. Did I say it was all veggie. No meat for meals. Still the food was great and Bruce did something he hasn`t done for years. He made bread. Not once but twice. The bread was awesome. He made the bread from his family cook book, put together by his sister sometime ago. I stole the recipe. I figured if Bruce could make great tasting bread that easily, I bet that I can do it as well.

The hard part of the weekend must have been the lack of Internet. My laptop was broken, thus we could not check email, the blog world or anything else for that matter on the world wide web. That left lots of time to discover new stars in the sky, enjoy the warmth of many evening fires and a couple of beers to boot.

I almost forgot, Bruce helped put the water system to bed for the winter. No small task, as he walked the length of the water pipe three or four times, ensuring it was well drained.

Thanks for coming Bruce!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricky! I had a great time! I'll get you for that video later.

Check this out:


It's not the recipe in the video, but the biscuit recipe Chip used. I decided to put the cookbook online.

Rick Barnes said...

Who knew you could bake such tempting bread. It was the best tasting bread I have had in a very long time! I will watch the family cook book for more tasty treats you can bake for me!