DADT dead for now- Queers at the gates

Oh my god, DADT is dead! It appears the US is now accepting queer applicants to join the military. I am sure its a shock for some of the recruiters, what with all they have done to keep gays out of the place. Its kinda too bad gays want to join in the first place. But alas its is suppose to be the home of the brave. If you want to join, then you should be allowed to do it.

Better read the fine print. Each applicant that identifies as gay is being told they may not be able to stick around, I guess that means Sen McCain, were he to become chair of the armed forces committee would stop all this nonsense.

Come on America, get with the times. All your major allies allow queers in. It won't hurt, just let me a little bit, I promise it will be okay!

See story here Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants from Associated Press writer Kristin M. Hall in Nashville, Tenn.

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