Catholic diocese challenges award to abused altar boy

This one is for Bruce.

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This crosses the borders of decency. It is more abuse on the man that as a boy suffered many sexual assaults at the hands of priests.  Its beyond my understanding how the Catholic Church could take the position they have in this attempt to appeal a judgement against them.

The boy was repeatedly raped. He was forced to participate in sex with an adult against his will.  He was likely told he needed to do this to honour god. 

In this case the Catholic Church argues that religious freedom is under attack if they have to pay this settlement. If religious freedom means you can abuse young boys, then they deserve no freedom in our society to practice their religion. 

I know many people that are Christian. I know many Catholics. I know them to be good people. These people have to rise up and condemn this effort of the Catholic Church. 

Bruce railed against this abuse on his blog, Canuck Attitude which has disappeared after his unexpected death in December 2010.  Bruce who saw all of the Christian religion as evil, then he met my sister online.  He discovered that there were good christians.  At least they did not condone the actions of the people that preached death to gays, that accepted gays could be christian and have a sex life.  

Yet many christians felt Bruce went too far in his ongoing campaign to end the genocide against queer folks. They took it as he was attacking them.  He was in fact attacking them. Religions and its followers have made big money by demonizing gay people. They have worked to elect people that would ban gay people from having rights that others enjoy.  Rights like having a partner, renting an apartment, keeping a job, raising children, visiting sick or dying partners in hospital, inheriting, or having pensions and benefits.

This latest attempt by the Catholic Church to claim that religious freedom is under attack because they have been found guilty of some of the most heinous of crimes, abusing children, is as corrupt and surely unforgivable from their own GOD.

Yesterday a Twitter friend posted that she had her church pass a gay acceptance policy. See I know that Christians would like to do the right thing.  Its time for them to stand up against the violence being perpetrated against queer people. Its no longer good enough to say I care, its no longer good enough to say we don't practice such things, we don't listen to our church.  Try saving some more gay people from hell on earth and then maybe some of you will legitimately make it to your heaven.  

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