Sober second thought

Sober second thought, of what...

A globe editorial said even though Bill C-6, A Bill to force the resumption of postal Services sailed through the upper chamber, the bill received considerable airing.  Let me tell you what happened in the Senate...

Conservative Senator: Okay the Man wants this passed by this afternoon, I`m sorry Honourable Members that you had to come in on Sunday, but its not like we actually sit more than 3 days a week anyway.  Get this through and we don`t have to be back here till fall sometime.

interjections by some Honourable Senator: this never happened in my day

Conservative Senator: The Honourable Member who was appointed by Trudeau says they never did it like this, ha ha remember wage and price controls, you guys campaigned against them and then brought them in.
Now where was I, oh yes, time to order those ungrateful mailmen back to work.  I would like to lend my support to the Prime Minister for giving me this great gig.  Our job, that`s funny as hell as its hardly work eh guys and gals, anyway back to the issue of incredible national importance, we must get the mail moving and the only way those mailmen will understand that they work for us is if we pay them less and reduce their pension, they should feel damn lucky to have a job, I work hard for Canadians and they should too.  I move we pass the legislation forthwith.

Liberal Senator:  With respect my honourable friend, some 30 of my fellow Liberal Senators couldn`t make it here to vote today.  Those of us that made it to this debate can at least add some sober second thought.  I mean that's why there be at least 105 Senators.  I flew back from Mexico for this so lets provide a thorough airing of the bill before we pass it.  I move we ask the head of Canada Post and the the head of the Strikers, whoops, I mean locked out employees.

Conservative Senator: So Mr. CEO of Canada Post. Before I start. I want to thank you for that lovely little weekend at your cottage, your selection of scotch is second to none sir.  Now lets get serious for a few minutes.  Did you want the government to order the mailmen back to work.

CEO of Canada Post: No most honourable Senator. We wanted to work out our issues with the workers and certainly did not want to ruin your weekend.

Conservative Senator: There you have it, it was those mailmen that caused this whole crisis.  Over to you my Honourable Liberal friend.

Liberal Senator: So Mr. CEO, You didn`t lockout workers because you knew that would give the government an excuse to order an end to the strike, I mean dispute between you and the mailmen.

CEO of Canada Post: No my most Honourable Senator.  I was so involved in trying to settle the dispute, frankly I never heard the Minister of Labour say she would use back to work legislation to end our dispute.

Liberal Senator: Thank you for being so forth right and for making yourself available on a Sunday, I know you are a gracious family man and I too would like to thank you for your generous hospitality at your condo in Barbados.

Conservative Senator: I guess we need to talk to the mailmen now, is he here yet.  Be nice if he could make himself visible.  Oh there you are, dressed like that I am surprised they let you in sir.

Union Leader: Thank you for the opportunity to explain our side of the story.  Canada Post and the Govt want to contract out our work, cut our pensions and create a two tier wage contract. That means younger workers will get less pension and lower wages.

Conservative Senator: Do you really think you work harder for your pension than I do. How ungrateful.

Liberal Senator: I would like to interrogate the Union Leader now. Sir I want to say how troubled I am that it has come to this. I support my union mailmen. You deliver my bank statements, my pay cheque, see I am old fashion, still like to see the cheque, you would too if you saw mine, anyway, I am sorry it has come to this.  It really is a sad day. I would have at least preferred we waited a couple more days. I was in cabinet the last time you were ordered back to work, its not something I take lightly, but that is also why I am in this place, to pass judgement over the likes of you.

I can only add that I will be voting against this draconian action of my Friend, the Honourable Conservative Senator`s boss the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada. We could have waited a day or two more before ordering mailmen back to work.

Speaker: All in favour:  All opposed, The Bill passes.  Good work Gentlemen. I will be hosting an evening in my offices directly following this vote. breaking out some vintage scotch, given the enormity of today`s vote.

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